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Taking Care

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Nutritional Information

Nutritional data is compiled from a number of sources including the Food Standards Agency, futureself.com staff and users. Although we take steps to prevent errors, we cannot make assurances regarding the accuracy of nutritional information. If you are in doubt, make sure you consult the manufacturer's packaging. The information shown on this website is for guidance only and you use this information entirely at your own risk.


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For more information regarding security please see our privacy policy.


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Data Persistence

We do not guarantee to allow the creation or the retention of data for dates that are more than two years in the past.

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Users may contact futureself.com using the contact form on the website or by email in order to request support in using the website. We will attempt to respond in a reasonable time to support requests but neither a response nor a response time are guaranteed. We can give advice only on the use of the website and any response received from futureself.com support should not be interpreted as either medical or health advice.

Changes to Terms

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